Im looking for the humbling feeling in trying to make sense of everyday life. 

In my work, I engage with people in front of a camera. I like to set up scenarios where a string of situations with the camera acts as its own force of direction, playing out one after the other in time. I view these situations as “in-between” the camera image and lived experience, and try to find modes of depiction where the camera and the image become interlinked with another; with the themes and conflict developments; with the characters; with the film.


AI (or ASS?)

IN PRODUCTION – AI – (release TBA)

~120″ Feature length documentary

ASS = Analogies for Singular Structure

AI (or ASS?) is currently in pre-production. Some initial tests of visual concepts and methodology for recording the scenes were shot in the spring and autumn of 2018. AI explores intelligence and language as concepts in-between humans and technology.



IN PRODUCTION – ME – (release 2020)

~120″ Feature length documentary

“ME is about me & my family & me & my family & ME, and me, over and over again.”

ME is currently in post-production – the film depicts relational dynamics of Edvards family dealing with the disease ME. It also explores relationships in the family by constructing and tracing both the historical and present social practices expressed inside the vision field of “their machines”.






ROULETTE – 8″ documentary short (2016)


ROULETTE is a playfull exploration of the dramatic potential in public spaces. With its inspiration emanating from ´the act of passing by´, the film illustrates movement in contrast to something else, something static and deeply inhumane.”



JORDEN EN BLOMMA FATTIGARE – 10″ documentary short (2014)


“When his grandfather pass away on midsummers eve, Edvard Stokstad starts to document his fathers mourning during the festivities.”


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